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Scintsol is proud to share this up-to-date list of publications in which we have been named. 

You can find Chris Kovacs' other publications on his LinkedIn profile. 

Metal composite T-junction terminals for MW-class aerospace electric power distribution

An electrical component for the electrical wiring and interconnection system, the T-junction delivers power from a main high power cable to lower power branches.  This was designed for use with high power density superconducting cables.   

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Design and Scaling Laws of a 40-MW-class Electric Power Distribution System for Liquid-H2 Fuel-Cell Propulsion

Masses of electrical components designed for different currents was calculated and included in the distribution system mass analysis.

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40 MW design Ampacity plot.tif

Flux-Switching Machines for All Electric Aircraft Applications

Electrical and magnetic loss mechanisms and values were determined for different motor designs and operational conditions. 

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Flux switching motor losses (first paper).tif

A Double Rotor Flux Switching Machine with HTS Field Coils for All Electric Aircraft Applications

For multiple motor designs the thermal management system, mechanical structure, and electrical connections were designed.  The mechanical structures underwent FEM stress analysis.  A prototype motor subsection (statorette) was designed, fabricated, and tested at Air Force Research Laboratory.  Values for electrical and magnetic loss were updated for different designs and operational conditions.

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Double rotor pic of test coil.tif

Cryogenic Electrical Properties of an Aluminum-Beryllium Nanocomposite

Cryoresistive AlBeMet 162H had its electrical resistivity measured at a range of cryogenic temperatures and applied transverse magnetic fields.  The resistivity of AlBeMet 162H is lower than Cu in the range of 80K-150K, and AlBeMet 162H is less than a quarter of the mass density.  Cost analysis was performed and it was found an AlBeMet 162H cable would be 10x the cost of a similar ampacity Cu cable.

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AlBeMet162H resistivity.tif

Review of Materials for HTS Magnet Impregnation

A review of methods and materials for high-temperature superconducting electromagnetic winding impregnation.  Included is an analysis for MgB2 motor winding impregnation requirements.

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Table II from Impregnation Review Paper.tif
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