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Our Services

Scintsol can help you build the solutions you need. Specializing in flexible solves for complex problems, with a quick turnaround, we are confident we can help you take your project to the next phase. 

Laboratory Consulting 

For when you need help with design and assembly of research-scale laboratory settings, experiments, digital controls and data acquisition, and safe work environments.  Consulting can be in person or remote.

Composites Engineering 

Whether it is for lightweighting or regulating thermal and electromagnetic systems, composites can push the boundaries of what is thought to be physically possible.  We can assist in fabricating and utilizing composite materials and developing new composite materials for your task.  

Materials Science 

Atomic structures, defect structures, microstructures, surfaces, interfaces, and mesostructures will all determine the properties and stability of a material in a given operational environment.  We can help with your materials selection, characterization, and determining the processing required to reach the desired properties and performance.

Low-Cost R&D

With limited resources for R&D, you need to know how to navigate the cost-savings waters.  We will work to find solutions for any challenges an R&D program throws at you.

CAD & Modeling Capabilities

Computer rendered designs and Multiphysics simulations can be critical to the success of an R&D program.  These capabilities can be simply for communication purposes with machine shops and program managers.  High-fidelity modeling may also lead your successful design, development, and analysis of results.  

Hands-On Experiments 

We are not only a resource for computational and conceptual design.  When things need to be built, and experiments need to be performed, we are there to assist in anyway needed. 

What Our Clients Say

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Dexmat, Inc.

"Thanks for all your help, could not have gotten this far without you." 
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